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The Full Story


Chantale Zoe Amis is the artist behind Zoe Experience. Throughout the years she has had the honor + opportunity to create in many different areas as a painter first, to a graphic designer, a jewelry designer, a photographer, + an Art Teacher. With a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia + a passion for sharing her gifts in all capcities - she realized that at the end of the day, she is all of those things because she is art. She was created to create + strive to embrace all parts of it. That is where she learns how to embrace the everlasting life that God has for her.  


Teaching others how to see creatively - from the inside out - is one that she is gifted for. Showing them how to experience life in a new way, no matter what art medium it is.  She truly believes there is an artist inside each and every one of us - yes you too! We just need to be our own kind of artist + not what the world has told us an artist is. It is her desire that through Zoe Experience you learn what that looks like for you + your journey. 



Zoe Experience is not just a business but a way to embrace the fullness of life through creativity.

Whether it be painting at Paint + Sips, having Murals done in your home or business, or learning how to draw or paint in a virtual or in person class. We are all made to create, it's just a matter of having the right eyes to see what that looks like. I instigate the creative process bringing the artist out of each and every one of us - no matter the sale of talent or expertise.


Zoe in Greek means LIFE. It is our vision to experience life in a new way with each brush stroke and design. But the key is not by ourselves, we have found that creativity flourishes in collaboration. And that is what we strive to do - to build and create something great from within ourelves - together.

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