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Hi, my name is Chantale Amis (many know me by my middle name, Zoe). I am a woman of God, a daughter of the Most High; a wife, a mother, an artist, a graphic designer, and someone who truly loves to do the work of the Kingdom through it all. Many years ago I vowed to God that I would always go where He would tell me to go, no matter what it looked like. Why? Because this life is not my own. Jeremiah 10:23


Over the past few years in ministry, I have had the honor and opportunity to minister the gospel through prayer, song, and the word of God. Whether to open up a conference in prayer, or teach the word, some in public settings and many in private settings, ministry is my life. The truth is that most ministry is really done behind the scenes. This also included evangelizing in the streets of Newark NJ, and the more I did so, I kept having this deep burden to GO out into the world and do the same. The Lord has blessed me and connected me with people from all over the world in so many different ways - many know me as a people person for sure and this you can say has helped. But it all stems from my love for the people that God has deeply placed upon my heart since I was a little girl. I am a firm believer that there is a treasure in each and every one of us that most won't see because we don't open our mouths. I haven't started my non-profit officially yet but until everything is ironed out. I am responding to the time is now.



RestoreNation Foundation is a new foundation that has had the honor to partner with Heart of Worship in Zim, a church that helps many children each month as there are many children roaming the streets without a proper home or parents to take care of them. We want to be able to provide beds, clothes, and secure housing for them. The school systems require them to pay a monthly fee - which many parents are not able to afford, so there is a horrible cycle of lack of education and work. So to say the least there's a lot we want to do and would be honored for you to partner with us. We will also be ministering the gospel to the saved and the lost, all for the glory of God. The Lord has shown me the importance of also pouring into the children with Art Kits as gifts, encouraging them to create with their hands what they see from within. This can make a huge impact and a long-lasting impression on their future.  But first, they must know they are loved because we are HIS. 



For Zelle:

Apple Pay # 973-856-9415


The Lord connected me to some amazing people in the middle of the pandemic in the country of Zimbabwe, and I started to do more and more research ever since. The people there have so much love for God and for prayer and for truly living life in God, more than I have seen in most other places. Their everyday jobs are not predictable the way ours are in the States, not even close. And then their education was once the most envied of Africa. Not anymore. 


Our goal is to reach 50-100 children minimum

We are excited to announce that we are getting bunk beds made by hand! Each bunk beds cost $270 which includes the mattresses! 

This is the full list of supplies we are raising money for:

  • Bibles

  • Art Kits - sketch pads, markers, pencils, paint, canvases & more

  • Food + Water/Drinks

  • Clothes

  • Blankets

  • Books

  • Composition books

  • Bunk Beds

  • Fixing toilets

  • Paint for housing

  • School fee’s $750 per year 

  • School fee’s $250 per term

  • Housing fee’s $700 monthly

  • Everyday medicinal needs

  • To have a conference for the children - to pour into them and celebrate them by showing them the love of Jesus in His provision

  • Plane tickets for me and my team

  • Any leftovers will be used either for continual housing for the orphans or for future trips - this will be the first of many


Thank You

Thank you for even considering - every penny, every dollar, and every yes counts in partnering with the vision of God. I have more that I want to do over time but this is where we start!

You will all of course receive documentation on how everything was used and how the people were blessed!


Below I have attached a video and pictures of some of the kids I have been able to help thus far with partners. Now it is time that I physically go!



Email us with any questions or any help! God Bless you all!


We are currently receiving donations through CashApp, Zelle or Apple Pay as we launch.

For Zelle:

Apple Pay # 973-856-9415

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