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“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Every artist knows, we can't just do one thing - that's like telling a child to only play in one section of the playground! At Zoe Experience, we aspire to enhance your life by creating art for your home, business, events, and more. We aspire to help cultivate a culture of art that encourages limitless creativity. The truth is, we were all created to create - when we do more life comes to us and through us. 



"We all have a story to tell - I hope that mine is so bright that it will wake someone up to tell theirs".

A true Renaissance woman that found her new spark for life at 15 the first time her fingers used a paintbrush - life suddenly made sense!

Eventually going to school for Graphic Design and working for the corporate world, the little girl in her was itching to be free again. The more she worked on the computer, painting became like a faint memory.  After a major life shift, she found herself loving and selling hand-crafted jewelry - but painting was still calling her. 

In 2019, she had a radical moment with God, seeing it was time to go back to her first love - a gift that He gave her for an even deeper reason than she knew. 

As Chantale dove back into her first love, painting, her other gifts enhanced and revealed even more. This is how Zoe Experience was birthed. It was evident to keep all her gifts under one roof - even her love for preaching the gospel, one that she is blessed to do through the art of speaking and painting. 



God has given us abundant life through His son Jesus - the true Creator. It is here where you find the life you're just starting to SEE. 

Chantale Zoe Amis, Artist and Graphic Desinger
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